The Amazon

I spent 4 days in the Amazon Rainforest before starting my rotation in Quito. I flew to Lago Agrio from then took a 2 hour bus ride to the Cuyabeno Reserve.  The trip was amazing. I met some awesome people and had the opportuntiy to see several species of birds and monkeys, tarantulas, piranhas, sloths and caiman crocodiles. We searched for Anacondas (not my idea), but we didn’t spot any. I took a an extra week of vacation before my rotation started and it was completely worth it. We stayed in huts with mosquito nets.  You do not need malaria prophylaxis in Quito, but it’s recommended for the Amazon region.  We spent a significant portion of the time traveling along with Cuyabeno River by canoe. Along the river we searched for animals, bird watched, and visited indigenous villages.  We also had the opportunity to swim in the lake. The wildlife, the travelers and the lodge staff were exceptional.

IMG_4889 IMG_4826 IMG_4830




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